Things to Bring on a Tampa Vacation

Tampa, located on the west coast of Florida is a fabulous place to visit as you have a wealth of things to see and do in Florida and with a temperate climate you will be spoilt for choice.

Many people come to Florida to visit Disneyland but the Tampa Bay area offers so much more than just Mickey Mouse!

It is vital therefore when planning a trip to this exciting place that you bring with you all the necessities for a sunny holiday, the climate is wonderful but it gets very hot so do bring the right level of sun protection and of course your best bathers to visit those fabulous long dandy beaches.

A trip to the world famous Africa themed park Busch Gardens is a must, but there are many water rides so apart from the obvious things; take a small towel; in fact you can now buy super absorbent towels that pack up very small and will fit into a backpack for the day. There is also a safari park and if you want to see more and varied animals then take a trip to Lowry Park Zoo where you will find a far reaching variety of animals.

Since the weather is such a factor in this area then a water park is the perfect place to cool off, but again even when enjoying the rides remember to pack a hat for each person along with the sunscreen as it can be easy to underestimate the amount of time you have spent in the sun especially when you are cool from the water.

If you are just looking for a little more sedate activity then take a stroll among the 160 parks and sit awhile reading perhaps or simply watching the world go by, a delightful way to spend a little 'down time'.

With all the activities that there are to do then you will no doubt want to take your cameras and camcorders; be aware of the opportunist thief though, so do mark your belongings and indeed ensure that you register them with your insurance company before leaving home.

You may want to email and send photos immediately so do remember any passwords that you may need to access your accounts from afar. Don't forget to bring all your necessary documents too as US immigration can be lengthy so at least if all is order then you won't be held up.

Finally bring a pocket umbrella; this is perfect for the odd shower and perfect for a sunshade, whatever the weather you are sure to have a great time in GENERIC OSC Tampa Bay.