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Welcome to Ybor City! This National Historic Landmark is a Shopping & Entertainment District that is alive with flavor. 

A past rich in cultural tradition, politics, and cigars – Ybor City has kept the feeling and appearance of days gone by.  The Centro Ybor Museum showcases those days when the cigar factories where bustling, the community gathered at local café’s, life was of leisure, and people enjoyed celebrations on the streets.

Within the Latin Quarters of Ybor City, one can walk the brick crossways and visit each local shop and club. The balconies become filled at night with locals and visitors enjoying the Ybor City atmosphere.

Known for cigar factories, Ybor City still has Authentic Cuban Cigar Rollers that twist some of the finest flavors.  Each weekend from 10am – 1pm you can watch the talents of these rollers and purchase a hand rolled Cuban Cigar.

The Ybor City Cigar Bars offer top quality cigars and flavors. Over 9 cigar bars are located in the Ybor Neighborhood.  Other bars are themed and provide entertainment and food.

The Alehouses, Pubs, & Taverns of Ybor City serve refreshing local, domestic, and international ales. Take pleasure in an evening of social drinks, dancing, and people watching from the balconies and rooftops on Ybor’s Mainstreet.

Along with excellent bars and nightlife, Ybor is also known for its dining. Choose from Cuban & Latin dishes, Italian Bistros, Seafood Grills, and Sushi Bars. Be exposed to cultural traditions, quality service, mouth watering cuisines, and historical settings.

Ybor City has a Grand Shopping District which lines the narrow streets with small stores and boutiques. Known for its eclectic mix, these shops have home décor, fashion, jewelry, books, market fresh foods, and wines. 

With a flare and spice for life, Ybor City is artistic and colorful.  Tattoo galleries, artist’s studios, and creative exhibits are set up throughout the city.  Not bashful, Ybor City mixes it up with a variety of downtown arts – galleries – and styles.

Come see why so many people enjoy this historical landmark. Ybor City offers atmosphere, entertainment, museums, art, dining, and shopping.  Experience it for yourself, take a step onto the streets of Ybor City.

Ybor Community Action Networkwww.yborcan.org

Ybor Community Action Network

Ybor City, FL

The mission of the Ybor City Community Action Network is to present initiatives and programs designed to provide a safer, more pleasant environment for those who live in, work in, and visit the Ybor City Historic District.